Farewell Ruff-Spots!!!

After many years of valuable service to the animal community, it is with heavy hearts that we have to announce that as of December 31, 2012 Ruff-Spots has ceased to operate.

The last of the monies in our bank account were sent on December 6, 2012 to the SPCA Happy  Valley-Goose Bay for $132.84.

We want to take this moment to say THANK YOU to all our volunteers and supporters for standing by us and believing in our cause.  We know that we helped many animals during our existance and are pleased to know that there are so many wonderful animal organizations in our province that work extremely hard in helping those animals in need.

Again, THANK YOU!!




Animal Shelter needed in the Northwest Territories

We know…the Northwest Territories (NWT) is far, far away from our province of Newfoundland and Labrador, but the homeless animals there need your help.

A past Board Member is now living in Yellowknife and has sent a plea to her Ruff-Spots friends to help spread the word on the need for a shelter in Yellowknife.

Who are they: The NWT SPCA is a Board of volunteers that raises money and creates awareness in the city of Yellowknife and in the communities of the Northwest Territories. It is our mandate to assist the entire Territory with pet related issues. We strive to promote proper pet care through education programs and regular interaction with the community. Currently, the majority of the money we raise is funneled into spay/neuter programs, medical fund, pet food and the pet adoption programs. Often times, we are the only resource that stands between community pets and death.

The Problem: The NWT SPCA does not have a shelter. Animal neglect and abuse is a quickly growing and ever pressing issue in the North. All too often, unwanted pets are abandoned in the extreme climates of our northern communities to suffer and die horrific deaths. The shooting of stray dogs to curb the overpopulation is an unfortunate reality in these communities. Due to a lack of adequate facilities to help counter these great injustices, disease and free roaming dogs are a huge health and safety issue. We get several calls every month from concerned citizens all over the NWT, looking for help. They see starving, abandoned and freezing dogs in their communities and have little to no means with which to help. Without a Shelter, we cannot provide an effective solution.

Thanks to the help of supporters, the NWT SPCA have made it into the semi-final round of the Aviva Community Fund competition! They will be up against some fierce competitors in the semi final. For this reason, they will need all the votes they can get! The NWT SPCA will need to be in the top 10 to make the finals. Winners will be chosen by AVIVA appointed judges and will receive up to $500,000 for their idea! The NWT SPCA plan is to use these funds …to build an urgently needed Shelter that will service the communities of the NWT. Make sure you use all 10 of your votes! You can sign-up and vote by following this link:


NL Pet Expo- Next Weekend!

For more information, visit the website: http://www.nlpetexpo.com

See you there!

A “Little Dog” Park!

Do you know that the City of St. John’s has recently opened a second off-leash dog park?

This one is for dogs up to 25 lbs, and is located behind the Humane Services building on Higgins Line. There is signage in the parking lot, directing you to a lovely little spot surrounded by trees, where your small dogs can frolic to their heart’s content!

Another FREE book!

Here is another book written by veterinarian and behaviourist, Dr. Ian Dunbar, which can be downloaded for free:

Before You Get Your Puppy

It’s a MUST for people thinking about sharing their lives with a new dog. (And fun reading for those of us who already do!)

Dogs in the News

Dog’s barking saves choking three-year-old

Read about Moose the Whippet- a new hero for CFB Trenton!

“Bullies In Need” Newsletter

The Ontario-based “Bullies in Need” rescue organization has just released its latest newsletter. Read it HERE.

Free Book: After You Get Your Puppy

Download a free puppy training manual written by renowned veterinarian, Dr. Ian Dunbar, at this website: Dog Star Daily

For more of Dr. Dunbar, check out the video below for a very entertaining but informative talk on the common mistakes people make with their dogs.

Easter Bunnies? NOT!

Please don’t buy a bunny for Easter!

If you really think a rabbit is the pet for you, talk to Bird and Small Animal Rescue.

A bunny is a long-term commitment. If you’re not ready for that, stick to chocolate.

CBC Article: NL promises tougher animal protection laws


The government of Newfoundland and Labrador is promising new animal protection legislation this spring that promises harsher penalties for people who abuse animals.

“We have been reviewing our existing six live animal statutes and consulting with special interest groups on the consolidation of these acts into a new, modern and tougher Animal Health and Protection Act,” said Natural Resources Minister Kathy Dunderdale, in a news release Monday. “We are now ready to bring forward an all encompassing piece of legislation for debate that will address concerns and issues raised over cruelty to animals in this province and stiffer penalties for such behavior.”

The provincial government announced in April 2009 that it would review its existing live animal statutes.

Government officials consulted the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), municipalities and representatives from the livestock industry, and considered submissions from other special interest groups and the public in the process.

Most of the province’s legislation relating to live animals was enacted in the 1970s and has not been significantly updated, according to the government’s news release.

“Societal expectations and attitudes towards the care of animals have changed since much of the existing legislation was introduced,” said the release. “The new legislation will provide the greatest protection and enforcement possible in regards to animal welfare and will address the fines and penalties for inappropriate treatment of animals and neglect. Details will be provided when the draft bill is released during the spring session.”

The new Animal Health and Protection Act will address the definition of animal cruelty and appropriate penalties, enforcement and animal control activities.

The six acts being consolidated into one are the Animal Protection Act, Dog Act, Heritage Animals Act, Livestock Act, Livestock Health Act and the Poultry and Poultry Products Act.

This winter a disturbing case of animal abuse in southern Newfoundland ignited calls for tougher animal protection laws.

The RCMP and members of the SPCA forced their way into a house in Dunville, Placentia Bay, in mid-February after receiving a report that starving animals were trapped inside the home.

Days later, SPCA officials in St. John’s said it would like to see fines of up to $10,000 for cruelty to animals. They hope that would deter people from abusing animals.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/newfoundland-labrador/story/2010/03/01/nl-animal-protection-301.html#ixzz0j1GVFeHu